Boards and Bodies at the Faculty

The diverse responsibilities of academic and student self-administration are assigned to boards and committees for legal and competence concerns.
The most important committees of the Faculty of Natural Sciences include the faculty council and the curriculum and teaching committee and the coordination board as well as the student-only councils.
The admission boards for the Master's degree programmes and the examination boards are involved in the implementation and control of the study and teaching situation. The boards and committees, but also the students, receive diverse support from the subject-specific programme coordination.

Faculty council

The Faculty council decides on matters of research and teaching of fundamental importance. It decides on the Faculty's regulations, this applies in particular to examination, doctoral, habilitation and admission regulations. In addition, it discusses the use of the Faculty's resources and comments on principle issues of the Faculty's research and teaching, such as the initiation, modification or closing of degree programmes.

Constitution, members, and meeting dates

Elected student representatives: student councils

The students of the faculty constitute the student council: The student council is elected in student elections (1 representative per 100 students).
Since the Faculty of Natural Sciences offers numerous degree programmes, the students are also organised in subject groups, whose representation is formed by the subject student council.

Organisation, activities and contact information

Curriculum and teaching committees

At the Faculty of Natural Sciences, there is a separate commission for each subject. The respective committee must be consulted on all matters concerning teaching, studies and examinations before the faculty council makes a decision. Students are represented with the majority of votes in the study commissions, so that they can optimally represent student concerns.

Constitution and members

Coordination board

The members of the coordination board advise, discuss and reflect on current topics, projects and further developments in teaching and studying at the Faculty of Natural Sciences together with the degree programme coordinators. Students can also find student representatives here who can bring in their concerns.

Members of the coordination board

Admission boards

At the Faculty of Natural Sciences, there is a specific admission board for each Master's degree programme. The respective selection committee decides on the qualification and admission of applicants.

Members of the admission boards of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, listed by subject

Examination boards

The examination boards arrange the organisation of examinations and have responsibilities in accordance with the examination regulations. An examination board consists of members of the participating universities and faculties and is the authority to contact on questions regarding the recognition of academic achievements.

All members of the examination boards, listed by subject

Degree programme coordinators

The programme coordinators serve as a communicative and organisational contact between students/prospective students, lecturers, the faculty's dean of studies office and central university institutions such as the examination office and the admission office.

List of all degree programme coordinators of the Faculty of Natural Sciences