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Strategies for Writing Scientific Papers

Strategies for Writing Scientific Papers (C1)

Online One-to-One Tutoring

This flexible, weekly appointment system aims to meet the individual needs of doctoral students who are writing scientific journal articles. Dr. rer. nat. Joy Ramos-Gonzalez (LUH Leibniz Language Centre) offers individual feedback, clarification and tools to improve and accelerate scientific text production. Participants can define their own schedule throughout the year by booking up to ten individual appointments for online consulations or phone sessions. After attending ten sessions (of 1 hour each, with an estimated 30-hour workload overall), a course certificate is issued.



Scientific writing in English is an essential skill for the efficient documentation and communication of research, e.g. in academic journals. This one-to-one tutoring service provides a space for doctoral students to work on their own texts and to individually assess and improve their English writing skills under the guidance of a qualified teacher. The ultimate goal is to enable doctoral students to publish their scientific results in English with minimal linguistic assistance. For this purpose, various tasks focusing on strategies and tools for scientific writing will be made available, so that participants can apply suitable linguistic structures at an advanced level (B2/C1) and avoid systematic errors.

Central issues

  • Strategies and tools for scientific writing (such as Al- and corpus-based tool)
  • Learning by doing: writing your paper/thesis and receiving individual feedback as you write
  • Systematically improving your academic writing skills – a flexible, task-based approach

Language prerequisites

  • Minimum B2 (see Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

You will need:

  • Your computer and internet access capable of video conferencing
  • Your text, task, or writing plan that you want to discuss

Course description, lecturers, dates and venue

Key data

  • Course language: English
  • One-to-one tutoring
  • Duration: 1 slot = 60 min, max. 10 slots
  • Offered until 31.12.2025
  • Lecturer: Dr. Joy Ramos-Gonzalez
  • Course number: 80004

Please, book your individual dates of attendance per e-mail or on StudIP:

  • Log in to StudIP using your WebSSO credentials (--> support@luis.uni-hannover.de)
  • Join the course “Online: One-To-One-Tutoring: Strategies for Writing Scientific Papers (C1)”
  • Make an appointment for a writing consultation under the tab “Sprechstunden”
Advice of GRANAT

This one-to-one-tutoring is complemented by the GRANAT workshop "Writing Papers and Theses in the Life Sciences".

Please Note
  • In order to complete their scientific publications, participants must manage their own time appropriately, both within and outside of the tutoring sessions.
  • To gain the maximum benefit from the tutoring, it is highly recommended that the participants attend ten sessions.
  • In order to enable a maximum number of users to participate in the One-to One-Tutoring, the number of sessions is limited to ten dates per user.