The Student Representatives Council Of The Faculty Of Natural Sciences

Fachschaftsrat – the Student Representative Council of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FSR NAWI for short) represents all students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Its members are elected annually in secret, equal, direct and free elections. Its tasks include

  •     the confirmation of the subject councils subordinate to it
  •     the coordination of student cooperation at the Faculty,
  •     representing the interests of the students of the faculty at the university and beyond.

The student council is heavily involved in university politics. Among other things, it sends delegates to the Student Council, the highest decision-making body of the student body. In addition, the members of the Student Council are active in many other committees and bodies of the university and also stand up for student interests in public. A current example of this is the participation in the alliance against the standardisation of registration and examination periods, which prevented massive extensions of study time and other disadvantages for students at Leibniz University Hanover.

The Student Representative Council usually meets twice per semester. The dates are set at the beginning of each term in the summer semester. The meetings are open to the public. This means that all members of the university can attend and have the right to speak.

Unfortunately, the Student Council does not have its own room. However, it can be reached by post, email and on Facebook.


Student Representatives of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

c/o Dekanat Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Appelstraße 11A
30167 Hannover