Doctoral Studies – Yes or No?

On completing doctoral studies, students are conferred a doctorate – the highest academic title which can be achieved through successfully passing examinations at one of the universities in Germany authorised to prepare and examine doctoral students.

For a research career in natural sciences at universities and at other public research institutions, a doctorate is a must.

Students intending to remain in the field of research following academic studies, and who have the corresponding high academic qualifications and personal qualities, should pursue a doctoral study programme. However, it should be noted that the decision does bear risks, as the opportunities for a long-term career in university research are limited.

On the other hand, students aiming to pursue a career in industry, do not necessarily need a doctorate. Although a doctorate is virtually a precondition for a management career in the chemical industry, a Bachelor or Master's degree is often more than sufficient for starting out in pharmaceutical sales, the insurance sector or in government authorities.

Individual Counselling Appointment

In making the decision "Do I want to pursue doctoral studies – yes or no?", it can often be useful to consider your personal motivation for undertaking doctoral studies. If you would like an individual counselling appointment to help explore this question, please contact the team at the Leibniz University Hannover Graduate Academy.