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Young Members of the German Chemical Society thrilled School Classes with Experimental Show

Young Members of the German Chemical Society thrilled School Classes with Experimental Show

© Stephan Siroky

Illustrative and entertaining: chemistry can be fun!

In a Christmassy show on November 30, 2023, over 450 chemistry enthusiasts from the Hanover region were able to watch a wide range of chemical and physical experiments: Remarkable colourful hydrogen explosions illuminated the large physics lecture hall at Leibniz University Hannover, a UV camera was used to illustrate how sun cream works, and an Advent wreath could even float. There were different colours of flames to observe and much more. The experiments were presented by Eric Siemes, physical chemist from Aachen, science performer and protagonist of Experimenteshows.de.
The show was aimed at pupils from chemistry classes and chemistry courses from year 10 onwards, as well as their teachers.

Science Communication Network: Young Chemists Forum (JCF) of the German Chemical Society (GDCh)

The experiment show was organized by the Hanover section of the Young Members of the German Chemical Society, consisting of students and doctoral candidates in chemistry at Leibniz University Hannover. They pass on their enthusiasm for the natural sciences and chemistry in particular through joint activities, regional sections and events.
Thanks to the GDCh's membership recruitment prize, which was awarded to the JCF Hannover, it was possible to stage this event.

Many thanks also go to the team of the large physics' auditorium for their support with wonderful lighting and sound technology and to Professor Dr.-Ing. Holger Blume, Vice President for Research and Transfer at Leibniz University Hannover, for his opening address.

Carolin Höner and Jan Flormann (representing the JCF Hannover)