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Chemistry Didactics: Two Projects aiming for Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies awarded

Chemistry Didactics: Two Projects aiming for Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies awarded

With the Innovation Plus programme, the state of Lower Saxony promotes particular innovations in academic teaching: From a total of six approved projects at Leibniz Universität, two are initiated and implemented by the didactics of chemistry at the Institute for Didactics of Natural Sciences (IDN):

  • "NaWi fit? Bereite Dich auf einen erfolgreichen Start ins Studium vor!"
     Responsible: Prof. Dr. Sascha Schanze, in Zusammenarbeit mit Hendrik Fleischer, Carl-Lennart Biela und Dr. Andreas Schneider

  • "I3Lern – Stöchiometrie zur KI-basierten und individualisierten Lernanalyse und Lernunterstützung im Chemiestudium"
     Responsible: Prof. Dr. Andreas Nehring, in Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Dr. Sebastian Polarz, Prof. Dr. Ralph Ewerth und Dr. Anett Hoppe 

Study initiation stage: Simplify the transition from school to university
With the NaWi fit? project prospective students recieve an early content-related orientation regarding the goals of the degree programmes offered as well as the expected requirements in the subjects of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Those who find themselves interested in studying can use a web-based test environment to check their existing knowledge and benefit from learning opportunities, which will eventually be linked to the existing preliminary courses offered by the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Individual learning support in a key topic of chemistry studies
In the project "I3Lern - stoichiometry", methods of artificial intelligence will be explored on a digital learning platform, which will enable individual learning support in the subject of stoichiometry. Stoichiometry is a major part of studies and for many students a very challenging topic.

Prof. Dr. Jutta Papenbrock, Dean of Studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, congratulates: "This is really a remarkable success for teaching at our faculty in general and the Institute in particular! As Dean of Studies, I am very pleased that innovative teaching projects recieve fundings and that our students will benefit from them".

Press release of Leibniz University | Innovation plus: Sechs Projekte bewilligt [German content]