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Awarded for Motivation and Inspiration: Dag Heinemann receives LUH Teaching Award

Awarded for Motivation and Inspiration: Dag Heinemann receives LUH Teaching Award

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Prof. Dr. Dag Heinemann is one of the six teachers honoured with the 2022 Teaching Award. The awards, each endowed with 2,000 euros, were granted during the Teaching Day on 3 March 2023. Since 2021, the award honours teaching staff in the categories of motivation and inspiration, strategy and transfer, and professionalization and teaching culture. Teachers are nominated by university members and a selection board chooses the award winners.
Outstanding results in teaching evaluations as well as a positive learning environment for students are some of the criteria for the motivation and inspiration category, in which Mr Heinemann receives the award. A nomination motivation states: "In addition to interactive quizzes and games that livened up the lectures, his teaching approach consists of conveying key content and then guiding the students in group work to deepen the content independently". In this way, the teacher becomes a coach, encourages interdisciplinary thinking and independent elaboration of content. Mr Heinemann also strengthens the practical relevance in his courses. For this reason, his most recent teaching project, RoboFarm, has received funding from the Innovation Plus programme of the state of Lower Saxony.

The Dean of Studies office of the Faculty of Natural Sciences congratulates

"The teaching goes down well," reveals the dean of studies' team with a view to the results of the course evaluation over the past years. The students particularly appreciate Mr Heinemann's enthusiasm for conveying subject knowledge and skills to his students, as well as the wide range of didactic methods he draws on:

"I really liked the flipped classroom system because it allows you to work through the content of the lecture at your own pace and at the same time you are encouraged to actually watch the lectures every week so that you actually get something out of the question time and the experiments shown, which were also always very exciting," one evaluation reads. Different possibilities for students to exchange with each other via Stud.IP, as well as additional explanatory videos and well-structured scripts complete the successful concept.

We are pleased for Prof. Heinemann that his outstanding achievements for forward-looking teaching have received university-wide recognition through the teaching award.