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Image Processing and Analysis for Scientific Publications
19 Jul
19. Jul. 2022 22. Jul. 2022 | 09:00 - 15:00
Workshop | GRANAT

Image Processing and Analysis for Scientific Publications

Dr. rer. nat. Jan Brocher (www.Biovoxxel.de) will hold an intensive workshop in form of a "workinar" for doctoral students, scientific staff and postdocs, working or planning to work with digital images and to publish them in scientific journals. The 3.5-day online live-workinar includes a half-day Call4Help session to deal with concrete, topic-specific questions from participants or working groups. It is focused on micrographs and related imaging techniques in life sciences or biology and of general interest for natural scientists working with digital images and respective analyses, e.g. in soil sciences or material sciences. The online live-workinar aims to teach scientists of different research areas how to handle, process and analyze digital images starting from correct image storage, handling and editing until the incorporation into a final publication figure as well as extensive methods regarding automated image analysis.

Central issues

  • Basics in microscopy and imaging acquisition (theory)
  • File types, digital images, metadata, bit-depth and the image histogram
  • Scaling of images, scale bars and labeling
  • Uneven lighting correction and diverse background correction methods
  • Correct image adjustments (contrast, brightness, size and rotations)
  • DOs and DON''Ts during publication figure creation
  • Image segmentation – data extraction from scientific images

Please prepare

  • LAPTOP / Desktop-PC with stable WLAN-connection (a webcam) and best a second monitor
  • Headset or regular earbuds with a microphone

Key Data

  • Course language: English
  • 15 participants
  • Duration: 20 hours, 3.5 days
  • Call4Help-Session on day 4 to solve participant-specific image analysis challenges
  • Lecturer: Dr. Jan Brocher (BioVoxxel)
  • Course number: 80003

Deadline for registration: 28.06.2022

The event takes place in ZOOM. For more information and to get the link to dial in, please visit the following website:

Further informations and registration


19. Jul. 2022 22. Jul. 2022
09:00 - 15:00


28. Juni 2022