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GRANAT Advanced Training Courses

The advanced training courses offered by the GRANAT graduate school are intended to support junior researchers in the natural sciences. They are especially tailored towards the doctoral students and postdocs at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Hannover Medical School.

The courses give particular consideration to the specialist backgrounds and professional requirements of this group and impart transferable skills and additional professional and research-related competences as required by natural scientists. Doctoral students and junior scientists can thus supplement their actual research work with certified, structured advanced training courses which focus on customised, additional skills and enable them to explore future professional fields and entrepreneurship, too. GRANAT thus supplements the interdisciplinary advanced training programme offered by the Graduate Academy of Leibniz University Hannover.

Current training courses – registration now being accepted for:

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Title Date Registration deadline
Strategies for Writing Scientific Papers 
ENGLISH (Level B2/C1), one-to-one tutoring
Dates can be agreed to suit You can start your course at any time
Job-Bewerbungstraining mit Mock-Interviews
GERMAN, workshop
22 Nov. + 30 Nov. 2019 extended until 08 Nov. 2019, 12:00 noon

Erfolgsmodell DU - Traumjobs werden häufiger geschaffen als gefunden!
GERMAN, workshop
29 Nov. + 30 Nov. 201928 Oct. 2019

Registration now closed for:

Title Last date Comments
Image Processing and Analysis for Scientific Publications
ENGLISH, workshop
1 Oct. + 2 Oct. 2019 will be offered again in 2020
School Entrepreneurship:
Unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln - Wege in die Selbstständigkeit

GERMAN, summer school
Preliminary meeting: 13 September 2019
Summer School: 16 Sep.–20 Sep. 2019
will be offered again in 2020
Meine Zukunft Existenzgründung?!
GERMAN, seminar
25 Jun. + 26 Jun. 2019 will be offered again in 2020
Wie geht's weiter, Master? Berufseinstieg versus Promotion
A course for students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, also recommended for doctoral students as a career information and networking event!
7 May 2019 will be included again for summer semester 2021
Good Scientific Practice
ENGLISH, workshop
25 Apr. + 26 Apr. 2019 will be offered on demand for closed groups:
If you require this course, please contact GRANAT by September 2019 when you require the course in 2020! 
Patent Law in Natural Sciences
ENGLISH  (Level B2/C1), seminar
15 Mar.–5 Apr. 2019 will be offered again in 2020
Berufseinstieg mit System: Das bin ich! Das biete ich! Dort will ich hin!
GERMAN, workshop
15 Feb. + 2 Mar. 2019

will be offered again in 2020

Writing Papers and Theses in the Life Sciences
ENGLISH, workshop
2 Feb. 2019 will be offered again in 2020
Einführung in QGIS
GERMAN, workshop
29 Aug. - 31 Aug. 2018 (all-day course every day) will be offered again in 2020
Communication Skills for International Conferences and Meetings
ENGLISH (Level C2), intense coaching workshop
9 Jun. - 24 Jun. 2017

will again be included in the GRANAT programme for closed groups on demand:
If you require this course, please register with GRANAT by October 2019 when you require the course in 2020!