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Gender and Diversity Day

Dialogue and Exchange Forum at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Gender and Diversity Day is a forum for dialogue and exchange at the Faculty of Natural Sciences that will take place at regular intervals in the future on current issues in gender and diversity research.

For young researchers, students, lecturers and employees in technical and administrative areas, the Gender and Diversity Day offers a space to reflect on and discuss one's own career - in the context of the social framework conditions, increasing internationalisation and the current conditions at the Faculty/LUH. The aim is to open up future fields of action and new perspectives.

The Gender and Diversity Day is intended to promote a change of culture within the Faculty of Science in order to initiate change processes and to raise awareness wherever necessary so that gender equality and cultural diversity are convincingly implemented and lived out at the Faculty.


Despite the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, a Gender and Diversity Day took place this year. It was an initiative of the team of the Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in cooperation with Professor Dr. Kerstin Kremer (Institute for Didactics of Natural Sciences, LUH) and the GRAduate School of the Faculty of NATural Sciences (GRANAT). The half-day, highly interactive online event was held in German and English and focused specifically on the situation of Master's students, doctoral candidates and postdocs.

Titled "How unconscious habits influence my career", two external experts started with keynote speeches on their current research findings: the topics "The Imposter Phenomenon" and "Gender differences in citations of scientific publications".
They discussed these with the participants in relation to gender justice, cultural diversity and equal opportunities in science, teaching and studying. Afterwards, the participants went into a topic-related exchange in small groups in parallel mini-workshops. The results of their small group work was finally compiled, discussed and appreciated in plenary with the support of a professional moderator. They are to be heard and taken into account in the future structuring of the gender and diversity work of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Find a review of the Gender and Diversity Day 2021 here.

The Gender and Diversity Day 2021 took place on May 19th, 2021  


  • Opening up spaces for dialogue and reflection for different target groups on changing and current topics
  • Participants will experience individual diversities and commonalities in topic-related exchange
  • Establishing networks and contacts for mutual support
  • Strengthening solidarity with each other
  • Developing fields of action at the personal and institutional level
  • Providing impulses for target group-oriented gender equality work and promoting diversity and equal opportunities in the Faculty of Natural Sciences