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Ernährungsstudie ruft zur Teilnahme: Intestinales Mikrobiom und metabolische Gesundheit

Call for participants: Nutrition study on intestinal microbiome and metabolic health

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Your microbiome is what you eat? The individual microbiome, the ensemble of all microorganisms found in the intestine, is essential for the pathogenesis of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus and also mental illness. The connection between our diet and the composition of the gut microbiome is the subject of current research. Certain dietary fibers seem to stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. However, not everyone seems to be able to metabolise dietary fiber equally well, which is probably a result of the individual differences in the composition of the intestinal bacteria.

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Scientists at the Institute of Food Science and Human Nutrition are exploring what influence the individual gut microbiome has on the health effects of dietary fibre. They are looking for test persons to join the nutrition study PerFib.
Lern more about the study, procedure and contact details: PerFib Study [German content]