Writing Papers and Theses in the Life Sciences

How to write really good publications in the scientific fields of biology, chemistry or biomedicine? In a one-day workshop, Prof. Dr. Martin K. Wild (MPI Molecular Biomedicine, Münster) offers assistance to doctoral students who are facing this challenge and are interested in learning to do it efficiently.


The participants will be guided through the entire process of scientific writing, step by step. The workshop starts with the first drafts of the scientific story, deals with the generation of figures and texts, and intensively discusses the contents and logic that reviewers expect from a good manuscript. The importance of interactions with supervisors and co-authors will be pointed out and, finally, problems with writing or publishing will also be dealt with. Participants will learn a method that makes scientific writing much more efficient and rewarding. Participants learn among other things how to prepare the writing phase, how to collect data and how to organize the order of writing. Furthermore, the participants learn how to write the single parts of the publication/thesis, and they get a guideline how to handle additional topics in the hand-out. Abstracts of the participants written in the workshop will be corrected by the lecturer within four working days combined with an individual feedback.

Central issues

    • How to prepare the writing phase?
    • Data collection
    • The “Word Flow” method, practised by writing small texts
    • The “Big Three”: Introduction, Results, Discussion
    • Showcase of your manuscript: Title and Abstract
    • Not to be forgotten: Methods, References etc.
    • Interaction with supervisor and co-workers
    • Submission of publications
    • Dealing with problems in writing and publishing

    Please bring

    • Your own laptop (fully charged, with word-processing programme installed!)
    • Some preparatory work is required (30 Minutes)

    Course description, lecturers, dates and venue


    will be offered again in 2021

    Key Data

    • Course language: English
    • 15 participants*
    • Duration: 9 hours
    • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. M.K. Wild
    • Course Number: 80013

    Deadline for registration:
    Criteria for the allocation of places

    Advice of GRANAT

    This workshop is complemented by the GRANAT-hosted One-to-One Tutoring "Strategies for Writing Scientific Papers".

    More Information

    *Criteria for allocation of course places

    As a first priority, the workshop places will be awarded to doctoral students, postdocs and scientific staff of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH). However, registrations from other faculties of the LUH and of Hannover Medical School (MHH) are also considered. Participation fees see fee list! Basically, the places are awarded in each case in the order of registration. The participants and rejected applicants receive a notification by e-mail.