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Scientific Posters

Clear at Glance – Effective Academic Posters:

Concept, Design and ONLINE-Presentation in Natural Science


Due to the ongoing restrictions of Corona, the workshop "Clear at Glance – Concept, Design and Presentation of Academic Posters" was transformed into a live-online workshop and simulates the traditional physical event as closely as possible. Moreover, the virtual setting offers us now the opportunity to focus on the know-how on presenting scientific posters in a virtual setting and on giving it a try throughout the seminar


Academic posters are an integral part of scientific conferences to present current research results. To attract and invite the scientific community to discuss and debate, scientific posters must be clear, powerful and coherent. This applies in two respects, both in terms of the creation and online presentation of posters.

In this two-day, interactive online seminar Birgit Lukowski (Communication designer, lecturer and trainer, DESIGN STUDIO SUEDSTERN, Berlin) covers both topics. The online seminar is aimed at doctoral students, scientific staff and postdocs of Natural Sciences who want to improve their skills in creating effective academic posters and presenting them in a powerful and convincing manner. The event is held in English. Part 1 of the online seminar focuses in concept and design of effective academic posters. Part 2 covers effective poster online presentations

In order to profit the most from this two-part seminar, participants are required to bring the content material of a poster or a draft poster to the seminar, as Part 1 provides the input enabling you to design or redesign it and Part 2 provides the platform to present your scientific poster online.

Please bring

  • Content material for your poster: draft texts and pictures
  • Your laptop equipped with PowerPoint
  • Headset or regular earbuds with a microphone


Central issues

  • Poster - the visual tool
  • Preperation of a concise content structure
  • Key principles of poster design: typography, colour, composition, image and visualisation
  • Professional layout technique
  • Poster templates
  • Poster practice session and poster evaluation
  • Interplay poster design & oral presentation
  • Defining objectives and clarifying the main message
  • Dramaturgy, opener & close
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Poster presentations with video recording & feedback


Course description, lecturers, dates and venue


19.06.21 + 26.06.21

each 09.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m.

Key Data

  • Course language: English
  • 10 participants
  • Duration: 12 hours, two dates
  • Lecturer: Birgit Lukowski
  • Video conference platform ZOOM
  • Course number: 80014

Deadline for registration: 31.05.2021 
* Criteria for the allocation of places

*Criteria for allocation of course places

As a first priority, the workshop places will be awarded to doctoral students, postdocs and scientific staff of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH). However, registrations from other faculties of the LUH and of Hannover Medical School (MHH) are also considered. Participation fees see fee list! Basically, the places are awarded in each case in the order of registration. The participants and rejected applicants receive a notification by e-mail.