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GRANAT Course Recommen­dation: Patent Law in Natural Sciences

GRANAT Course Recommen­dation: Patent Law in Natural Sciences

In the Patent law seminar your will learn, ...

...why firms that patent protect their technology earn on average a 50% premium over those who don’t.
...why many consider the patent system one of the most effective tools for knowledge-sharing and technology transfer ever devised.
...why, when a startup’s first patent is granted, its employment growth increases by 36% and its sales growth increases by 51% on average over the next five years. And why that startup is twice as likely to end up listed on a stock exchange
—a common indication of success for a startup.

You’ll also learn about Michael Jackson and other successful inventors. And which companies file the most patents, and why!

Dates and time:
28.02. 2020,  06.03.2020,  13.03.2020 plus 20.03.2020
each 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Lecturer: Dr. Tilman Breitenstein (Patent attorney, Head of IP, BASF Belgium and  Netherlands)
Guest lecturer:
Helge Wilker (Patent referent of LUH)

Campus Herrenhausen
Building 4104-Room 063 (ground-floor)
Herrenhäuser Straße 2, 30419 Hannover

Further information and registration
Deadline for registration: 13.02.2020