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Communication Skills for International Conferences and Meetings

Ms. Conny Helbling-Roberts [M. Sc, B. A. (Hons), CELTA – UK] - Coach for International and Intercultural Communication - will provide two intensive coaching workshops per year  for young natural scientists who have solid experience in the delivery of scientific presentations (10 participants, 36 hours, 6 dates).

With the increasing application of English as the lingua franca of international conferences and congresses, the scientific community is now expected to communicate in English with a degree of eloquence and sophistication. This workshop is designed for those who wish to polish their oral communication skills (presentations, discussions, meetings) encompassing cultural and linguistic idiosyncrasies. The objective of the workshop is to increase the spontaneity and naturalness of scientific discourse in academia. 

The workshop focuses on practical rehearsals which are accompanied by purposeful and constructive feedback from the coach and the peer group. 

Central issues:

  • Principles of presentation techniques and conventions (overview)
  • Question & Answer sessions (Strategies, useful lexis)
  • Language and techniques for international meetings and discussions (diplomatic language, conventions, communication patterns)


  • Individual research presentations (20 min/participant)
  • Question & Answer session (discussing scientific results - 10 min / individual presentation)
  • Simulations (e.g. meeting role plays, group discussions)
  • Continuous performance assessment and comprehensive feedback from coach (inclusively: 30 min coach and peer feedback for each individual research presentation!)
  •  Analysis and evaluation of content and delivery, intonation, body language, pace, visual aids and language performance

Target group:

  • Junior scientists, who have solid experience in the delivery of scientific presentations in their native language

 Language prerequisites (see Common European Framework) :     Level B2 

Please note:
Participants are required to prepare their presentations before the workshop commences and are expected to attend all workshop sessions.  The presentations should be relevant to the scientific work of the participants and portrait recent or future research projects or research papers.

Course Description:



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ENGLISCH (Level B2/C1): Intense Coaching Workshop

Communication Skills for International Conferences and Meetings

Ms Conny Helbling-Roberts

09.06. - 24.06.2017





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